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Loans That SGC Credit Offer
Flexi Personal Loan

In need of fast cash for an emergency? Our personal loans should cover any planned, unexpected or short-term expenses that must be settled right away. Approval is fast and hassle-free, so the long wait is finally over.

Quick Payday Loan

If your next paycheck is still weeks away, but expenses are building up, a payday loan should be your saving grace. SGC Credit offers payday loans for a quick access to additional funds to help you get through tough times.

Short-Term Business Loan

To sustain a business can be costly. To support your financial concerns, we offer short-term business loans that will help you grow your business. No matter what type of business you have, we can assist you with its financial aspects.

Easy Foreigner Loan

Staying in a foreign country can be an expensive ordeal. If you are a foreigner in need of extra funds while in Singapore, then we got you covered. Apply for a foreigner loan to pay for any emergency expenses that may come along.

Fast and Easy Approval GrabTaxi / Uber Driver Loan

Before Singaporeans are quitting their jobs and joining the Grab Taxi or Uber, they are afraid of the unstable income flow that comes with the freedom. This is where a Grab Taxi / Uber driver fast cash personal loan comes in to save the day in times of need.

Who We Are?

SGC Credit is a licensed moneylender company in Singapore. We are fully licensed, approved and recognised by the Ministry of Law (Registry of Moneylenders). You can count on us for a wide range of loan types and moneylending services. Whether you are a Singapore resident, Permanent resident, or a foreigner with valid Singapore employment pass, you can apply for a loan from us. Read more about us.

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Who We Are?

Our main objective is to assist our customers who are going through tough financial times. Instead of waiting for a long time to get your loan application approved, we make it much easier for you. Simply fill in the application form on our site, then wait for a quick loan approval. In a couple of minutes, you can expect to receive a prompt reply from us.

At SGC Credit, you have the assurance that your private information remains safe and secure. It is our promise to protect personal details of our customers at all times. We never disclose or share any information no matter what reason may be.

Your Priority Comes First
Extensive Selection of Loan Services

We are here to help you with your financial concerns. This is why we make it a point to put your needs ahead of our own. With our selection of loan services and packages, you can choose the right option that meets your needs and budget. Our highly professional team will assist you in choosing the best type of loan for your situation.

Professional Services

We value customer satisfaction in everything we do. Thus, it is our utmost goal to maintain a strict code of ethics with every interaction we have with our customers. Our highly professional and trained staff works in a proficient manner to ensure meet your standards. You can trust us to give you a level of service that will cover all of your concerns. In fact, we are open to making any changes in our services just to fully address your needs.

You can choose from a number of professional and dependable loan services at SGC Credit. These have given us the best reputation from our customers. Among our creative and flexible financial solutions are the following: Flexi Personal Loan, Short-Term Business Loan, Quick Payday Loan and Easy Foreigner Loan.

Convenient and Efficient

Are you tired of the long wait in getting your loan application approved? With SGC Credit, you can expect to receive a prompt response from our team after sending in your application. We work hard to make sure the approval process goes as fast and as smoothly as possible, reducing the downtime. By doing so, our customers can get a convenient, efficient and practical solution to their financial issues.

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