Apply for a GrabTaxi / Uber Driver Loans 2018 with Fast and Easy Approval

Every employee in Singapore wishes to get a sense of economic freedom. While earning a salary is all good, there is a lack of financial freedom, which is what everyone desires. For the self-employed, there are difficulties in business that also call for new avenues for money making.

This where Uber and GrabTaxi hailing apps have come in as a Godsend. These innovative platforms are not only beneficial to passengers in the city but also to anyone who wishes to enjoy more financial freedom. If you own a car, you can register it with Uber or Grab and start making money instantly. However, there are still challenges that you have to overcome, the major one being accessing money when there are no customers. GrabTaxi / Uber Driver Loan is designed exactly for times like these.


Unlocking Earnings with Uber and Grab.

Uber is a global sensation due to its ability to disrupt the old order. Grab on the other hand leverages technology to offer cheaper rides and this has helped the taxi hailing platform to emerge as the main rival for Uber in Southeast Asia. With these two in stiff competition, there are many incentives in store for both passengers and drivers.

This is the best time to join one of these popular taxi hailing platforms as a driver. The benefits of becoming an Uber or Grab driver include the freedom to make money when you are free. You have control over how many trips you can make as long as you are active on the app. The platforms are secured and you don’t have to worry about the loss of your personal data. More importantly, you will become a part of a vibrant driver community that supports each other.

If you have always wished to become your own boss, joining Uber and Grab is a no brainer. You can set your own schedule and with the app, you don’t have to hassle for passengers. Yours is just to sit back and drive as the app does the rest. It is easy to join up and get started as long you have a registered car, a valid license and your copy of NRIC.


The Beauty of GrabTaxi / Uber Driver Loan


The only catch here is when business is low especially when every other drive seems to be active. This should not be a problem anymore because with a GrabTaxi / Uber Driver Loan, you will get financing to sort out any emergencies and continue enjoying being your own boss. You don’t have to stop driving to start looking for cash because your reprieve is just a few clicks away.

Talk to us if you are looking for the best GrabTaxi / Uber Loan and make sure you have financial respite when business is low.

I am currently a GrabTaxi / Uber Driver in Singapore. Am I am eligible for a loan with SGC Credit?

Driving with GrabTaxi? Apply a 30 mins* fast cash loan with us today. You are eligible as long you can show proof of income (weekly payslips from the app). Click here to start your GrabTaxi Driver loan application with us today.

Become your own Boss with GrabTaxi / Uber.