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More and more people are saying that Singapore is a land of opportunities, an ecosystem that is technology driven and a first class country that is progressing on a faster pace as compared to its neighbours. That is why more foreigners have been travelling to Singapore to have a look and feel what this bustling city can offer to them. No doubt that Singapore emphasizes on its security and how peaceful it is to live in, the standards of living is quite high as compared to the other neighbouring countries.

This could potentially be a problem to some expats or foreigners who is coming over to Singapore with a tight budget. This is one of the trade off if one decides to come over to work in this bustling green city. As an expat or work permit holder in a foreign country, it may be a challenge to raise the adequate amount of funds to tide over your expenditure. This is when you need the assistance of a licensed money lender in Singapore. A Work Permit Loan Singapore would be ideal for you if you are facing such complications.


Foreigner Loan in Singapore


Foreign Loan is provided and eligible to individuals who are not permanent residents or citizens of a country. Since it is hard to deal with financial problems especially when you are new to a country, this type of loan should help you get by when it comes to money issues. You probably do not know anyone whom you can borrow money from, hence, being able to take out a loan is a great help.

Perhaps you have assumed that taking out a loan from a bank in Singapore is a possible solution to your financial concerns. However, it is not as easy as you think it is because even for the local residents, getting their loan approved by the bank takes a long period of time. There are numerous documents that must be submitted, along with the rigorous strict credit checks involved. For a foreigner, having a traditional loan approved is almost next to impossible.

This is where SGC Credit comes in – to offer foreigners a way to pay off their debts or have extra money less off the hassle or lengthy application process for expats and work permit holders to get their loaned amount as quickly as they can. A more effective solution to resolve your monetary issues, a Loan for Work Permit Holder in Singapore.


SGC Credit is one of the Trusted Money Lenders in Singapore for Foreigners


What we can offer:


Lowest Interest Rate


You can benefit from our low interest rates offered to all foreigners and expats in Singapore.


Tailored Loan Packages


Our qualified representatives will customize a foreign loan package specially for you, ensuring to meet your specific needs.


Hassle free Repayment Alternatives


SGC Credit offers affordable repayment schemes through fixed monthly instalments. This provides expats a better financial control over their monthly expenditure.


Interest Rebates


SGC Credit rewards our customers for every early repayment made. You will also get an interest rebate for complete early repayments.


How It Works


As we all know, taking out a typical bank loan from the local banks will come with long approvals and application processes that are tedious. It can take several weeks before the loan application is being approved, and along the process, the bank may even deny foreigners from getting a loan for Work Permit Holders in Singapore if the reason is not a satisfactory one. If you are caught in this situation, you may undergo tremendous stress when your bills are not being settled yet.

SGC Credit makes it easy for foreigners to have access to the amount they need to cover their bills and expenses. This is what a Personal Loan for Work Permit Holders is for – to provide non-Singaporeans or PRs some extra funds to cover their basic expenses or debts. As long as you have a valid Singapore employment pass or a full time employment, you should be able to qualify for this type of loan. Unlike banks, we will not question what this particular loan is being used for. We respect all our customers personal discretion and believe that this Home Loan for Foreigners in Singapore is being taken out for emergency needs.

However, there is one important thing to remember; a foreigner loan comes with higher interest rates. Reason being, since foreigners do not possess any properties in Singapore, which can be served as a form of collateral, the interest rate naturally becomes higher. This is not a serious concern among most foreigners considering how much they need the money, and that they should be able to repay their loan by their following salary. It is all about having the ability to pay off your loans based on the contracted deadline.


Qualified to take up a Foreigner Loan?

  • 21 to 55 Years old

  • Valid Employment Pass in Singapore

  • Valid Passport

  • Full Time Employment

  • Proof of Billing (E.g. Any bills with your residential address printed)

  • Recent 3 months of your payslip


Definite and Convenient Solution


If you come across a difficult financial turmoil in Singapore, never choose the easy way out, which is to give up or leave. During these rough periods, you should never give in to desperation or frustration. What you need is a smart and practical solution, which is what a foreigner loan is all about.


SGC Credit features a brilliant way for foreigners to get a home loan for foreigners in Singapore for their expenses. We offer our customers a simple, fast and straightforward approach to get the loan they need. With our simplified process in applying for a foreigner loan, your desired amount should enter your account in no time. Just fill in the online application form, submit it, and wait for our staff to give you a response in a couple of minutes. It is THAT easy!


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* SGC Credit reserves all the rights to amend terms & conditions without any prior notice to customers. The borrowers have no obligation to take up the loan if the loan package offered is not satisfied.